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Alan – paid

Eric – 12

Andy – 24 paid

Shaun – 24


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Great start to the season!

 Strong convincing win. Home runs from 3 different guys and contributions from across the lineup.

 This year’s team is looking good and I think we will need to be on our toes as the division look strong this year.

 Going forward please advise Dan and Al of you attendance issues.  Please give them as much notice as possible in the event we need to call in reinforcements to help out.

 I think the only games I can make are late start Wednesday games.

I have collect almost 100% of the fees. Thank you all for making this easy. If you have balance with me please clear it ASAP.

Once we have the schedule it will be posted on the Schedule page.


 If you don’t have a jersey  please let me know what your size is and what you preferred number is.

 Tak has already requested #24 – large.

 Please send me your Jersey size and # ASAP so we can take care of this right away. I will have pricing for you soon but anticipate the $40 range.

Please reference the Roster page for available numbers:


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Overall we are in great shape for the 2014 season. I will be delivering our first payment to Darryl on April 2nd. The balance will be Due to the league by May 7th or 14th depending on when the season actually starts. So there are a few things to cover before the season starts.

  1. Fees:

    I will need full payment of your fees by the start of our first game. If you have paid 100% of the fees, Thank You. If you still have a balance please provide payment by Friday May 2nd.
    Methods of Payment include:
    Email: You can EFT money to me at:
    Mail: You can mail a cheque to: Rick Greif 122 Maberley Crescent Toronto ON M1C 3X7
    In person: you can hand deliver the money if you know you will be seeing me prior to May 2nd or we can set up a time to meet.

  2. Tournaments:

    In the recent past there has been mention of interest in tournaments. If I am able to easily get enough guys to commit to a tournament I would be open to submitting a team and depending on the make-up of the roster it would either be a Rec team or a Masters team. I will look at some dates in April and throughout the summer and send them out soon. Your responses will determine if and how many tournaments we do in 2014.

  3. Practices:

    Traditionally we have held “practices” in April to help work out the kinks in prep for the season. We have also historically used Good Friday to kick off the season. This year I will be away on Good Friday but that certainly would not prevent you guys from getting together on that particular day. Once we see some improvement in the weather I will put the word out and get us all out for practices at our diamonds at east point.

I am looking forward to another year of Flies ball. Our season is about 5 weeks away.
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